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Apartments per day for tourists: what it is necessary to know

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Usually it is necessary to choose between hotel and apartments which are quite comparable at the price. More and more people decide that it is better to live separately from crowd of tourists. A good choice, but it is necessary to know about all pluses and minuses of such accommodation not to spoil long-awaited holiday. So, if you live in apartments …

It is not necessary to pay tip. When the tourist stops in hotel and wants his things remained on the places, and purity and an order reigned in number, he should leave daily tip for the maid. Earlier tip was an award for high-quality service, but today became an obligatory contribution of a hotel mafia: pay and have a rest quietly. Money is demanded by porter, lift attendants, maids, waiters … The sum spent on tip in two weeks, is comparable to a room rate per day. In addition, reserving a hotel accommodation, the tourist automatically pays a salary to the waiter and the maid, the porter, the dishwasher of restaurant and the secretary of the director.
Tourists who rent the apartment per day, don't pay tip and don't bear other maintenance costs of the hotel personnel. But it is necessary to do everything youeself. If you rent the apartment per day, you pay rent which includes only amortization of the apartment and the salary of the manager. But here absolutely other rules with cleaning. Even if the traveler doesn't want to sweep in rooms during the week, the garbage eventually should be taken out.
It is not necessary to spend for restaurants When you live in apartments, it is possible to save decently on dinners at restaurants, especially in small resorts where the prices are calculated for rich tourists. Locals  don't eat in tourist snack bars, but go to shops and in the markets they are always glad to sell products to travelers. And only here it is possible to buy the most fragrant honey, the most tasty cheese and the freshest shrimps. And at the same time to chat with sellers and to find out, where it is necessary to wrap behind wine and which wine is  the most successful this year. Products for two days for pair of tourists are comparable at the price to one dinner for two in not the most pathos restaurant. But it is necessary to cook. But if shrimps, cheese, wine, meat and vegetables are bought, it is necessary to rise for a plate, to wash, cut, clean and boss frying pans.
Minus here is not only that we fly to holiday not for the sake of daily cooking, but also it is necessary to buy salt, oil, the sugar, all usual products calculated on the monthly use. They sell it in liter and kilogram packings, instead of counting on one week. It is necessary to throw it out or leave it in the apartment, cause to carry it home is silly and expensively. Besides, any more there will be no possibility to order coffee in a bed or a late dinner in number. And if forgot to buy salt, or drinking water has came to the end, it is necessary to run  to a supermarket, which on the holiday or on day off and does not work. 
While renting the apartment per day, it is not necessary to worry about, whether there will be a person on duty on reception late at night and who can open a door in hotel. It is not necessary to be afraid that the maid will shift things where you never find it, or you won't get a free  table at breakfast, and you are to wait for the lift  for an hour and a half because the group of the Chinese tourists with big suitcases gets in. And all problems you solve itself But there will be nobody to complain that in the next room too noisy company walks, or in the middle of the night on your floor the family ship sinks, with shouts and throwing of stools about walls . To shut them up it is necessary independently. Also it is necessary to fight against simple breakages alone, and if serious - to call the manager. And if you forget or loose keys there is impossible to take duplicates from the porter, it is necessary to call, wait for the lessor and to pay for loss and change of locks in the apartment.
Despite certain shortcomings of daily apartments, such kind of rest allows to feel more completely the life and the culture of the country on which you travel. Tourists communicate with locals, visit shops,  markets, live in areas where there are not a lot of hotels and have absolutely other rhythm of life. Also they are enriched with impressions. At least it  is itself the best and invaluable souvenirs from travel!


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